We set ourselves apart from other shoe manufacturers and factories in China by being a total and transparent guide through the design, manufacturing and export process.


Shoe Design

Creating the shoe upper

Some of our advantages of dealing with our company include:

Good Communication & Language Barrier

We understand the many difficulties and struggles that can be experienced when dealing with Chinese manufacturers and we aim to take the headache out of this process, while eliminating any language and communication issues that can arise.

We pride ourselves on our good communication skills and customer service. Our friendly team of both foreign & locally based team members consist of fluent and native speakers of English and Mandarin Chinese.

Shoe Design

Using CAD/CAM to design outsoles

Technical Expertise & Experience

We are able to create and deliver any type of shoe our customers require.

We have over 20 years expertise and experience in making all types of shoes. Our team of shoe engineers and R&D have the skills to design and engineer all types of shoe products, whether it be leather shoes, sport shoes, high heels, sandals etc.

We are in tune with the latest trends and technology used in shoe making and we lend our knowledge when advising on design and materials.

We are thorough in creating quality products and allow our customers to specify their every requirement - the sole, sole material, shoe last, upper design, upper material, shoe laces, insoles, sole moulds etc. etc.

Shoe Production

Stitching of shoe uppers

Transparency and Cost-Effectiveness

We are transparent with all the costs and inputs involved in production and aim to quote the best and fairest price possible.

We are also transparent with all the production process and materials involved to give you peace of mind about your products and quality.

Quality Control

We are experienced in quality control and utilise all standard and modern QC processes to ensure all goods delivered are of the highest quality.

We are also quality conscious when making decisions about design and production, to ensure and avoid quality issues arising during the manufacturing process.

Shoe Production

On the production line


We are based in Houjie Town, a town that is famous for its shoe design and manufacturing industry, mainly in branded footwear. Dongguan City is widely reknowned as one of the world's major manufacturing hubs and is the third largest export region in China. Our network of factories stretches from Dongguan, all the way to other parts of China.

Goods produced in Dongguan, China often carry the reputation of being very high quality in comparison to other manufacturing regions in China.

Another major advantage is that being in Dongguan allows us to be able to source and access the best quality textiles, leathers and shoe soles in all of China.


Leather shoe and shoe last

Customer Service & Delivery

The most important facet of conducting international business is communication.

We like to communicate and inform with our customers throughout the entire process, to give peace of mind and address all issues and details when they arise, and to ensure the shoes produced are made according to spec and of the highest quality. We are also very approachable and contactable when required.

We have extensive experience in handling logistics and freight and will work to ensure your products can be delivered on time and seamlessly, at the best price available. We have the experience in handling all required paperwork and comply with all local and international export processes and regulations.

Tea Table

Traditional Chinese Tea Table at GS Shoes HQ in Houjie, Dongguan